Financing Available

Financing Available to Qualified Parties
$10,000 to $15,000,000

LED Light Broker offers financing options for
most businesses.
We have extensive experience working with banking institutions, credit unions, leasing companies and private equity firms and can structure plans that will work into your short term and long term business plans.
Financial Solution:
In these days that emphasize and stress cash conservation there are other financial alternatives available to acquire your LED solution. And these alternatives are available through our financing affiliate Dynamic Funding INC. We have made your team financing process far easier by utilizing the extensive banking and leasing experience offered by DFI.
Capital Access:
Cash management in today's economic environment has never been more critical. And preserving your working capital is essential. Whether you are looking to financing technology, equipment or other resources to support change, enhance employee productivity and improve operations, LED Light Broker can help you leverage your own growth with a financing solution that's just right for your business. Dynamic Funding ,INC. (DFI) provides flexible equipment leasing options, including operating leases and capital leases, tailored to meet your business needs. 
Project Size:
Project and equipment financing can be as low as $25,000 for a simple LED solution to over $15,000,000 for multi-location series of installations. Soft costs including engineering, installation, and transportation, for example can be included in the financing.
Commercial, Industrial and agricultural Installations:
Your LED Light Broker solution can be acquired by a lease purchase arrangement with all the benefits of ownership. Lease terms are available to match the financing amount. Progress payment financing is avalible depending on transaction financing size. Master lease arrangements are available for multiple installation customers. 
Municipal Installations:
The Municipal customer can typically take advantage of low-rate, tax-exempt Lease Purchase installment financing for it's LED solution. The Lease Purchase term will usually range from 3 to 7 years for a typical LED installation. For installations greater than $2,000,000, longer terms are avalible. All Lease Purchase financings provide the municipality with standard non-appropriation terms. And, as a Lease Purchase Does not Require voter approval, it can be approved and implemented rapidly. 
Comparing a Lease to a Cash Purchase:
The commercial capital asset financial modeling of your LED solution would include attention to the IRS MACRS Depreciation Allowance, Section 179 Expensing, Marginal Tax Rate, Interest Expense, and the owner's Reinvestment Earnings Rate or Opportunity Cost. The optimization of these elements can result in a dramatic Lower Cost of Ownership when compared to an outright purchase. The Net Present Value of a properly structured lease will always beat a Cash Purchase in the early years, and possibly over the entire lease term depending upon the discount rate. 




 LED Lighting Applications

          From Big Box Stores To Military Bases

 LED Lighting Lease Purchase

                   From $25k Up to 15 Million


 Installation & Term Financing

           Municipal, Agriculture, Industrial &



  •  Auto Dealerships
  •  Showrooms
  •  Airports
  •  Universities
  •  Sports Arenas
  •  Commercial Nurseries
  •  Parking Structures
  •  Port Facilities
  •  Schools
  •  Franchise Stores
  •  Street Lighting
  •  Supermarkets
  •  Offices
  •  Warehouses
  •  Industrial Assembly Areas


  • Level Term Payments
  • Stepped Term Payments
  • Deposit and Interim Payment Financing
  • Financing of Engineering
  • Site Prep installation and Non-Equipment Expenses
  • Equipment Upgrade & Equipment Add-On Financing